How to Obtain NCC Licence

To engage in a telecom business in Nigeria, you will need to get a telecom licence which is issued by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). Who is NCC?  Find out below! What is NCC? The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) is the independent National Regulatory Authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. The NCC regularly come up… Read More

NCC Short-Code Harmonization Plan

NCC is trying to harmonise short-code allocation, and with the new short-code there will be the following changes: Under the new plan, short-codes will no longer be shared for instance using 2708 for Jobs, entertainment, educational services will not be allowed.  Short-codes will be assigned based on the category they fall under in the new… Read More

What is VAS?

A value-added service (VAS) is any other service beyond standard voice calls and fax transmissions over a telecommunication network. VAS is a popular telecommunications industry term for non-core services. As a matter of fact, the major function of a phone from inception is to make call. Therefore, everything pertaining to making a call happen is… Read More

Today’s Sci-fi and Tomorrow’ s Reality: 4 Future Technologies You Will Not Believe

The movie “The Social Network” before 21st century might have been a science-fiction (sci-fi); however, it turned out to be a real story. This is because prior to the 21st century, there was almost nothing like social networking, no video conferencing, maybe it was in a 1970 sci-fi but in the few space of time, man continues… Read More